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  • Pass Good Cause Eviction & Right to Remain

  • Support the creation of community land trusts

  • Oppose RAD, the Trust & Blueprint for NYCHA

  • Fight for a Tenants Bill of Rights in the NY Constitution

  • Supports Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act (TOPA)

  • Increase funding for Disability Rent Increase Exemption (DRIE) and Senior Citizen Rent Increase Exemption (SCRIE)

  • In support of the Chinatown Working Group Plan

  • Fight for the creation of ADA compliant housing and preserve ADA compliant units without conversion and universal design

  • Expand housing opportunities for LGBTQ+/TGNCNB youth and young adults


  • Institute a statewide $15 minimum wage (although Jasmin believes we must push for more)

  • Eliminate at-will employment

  • End the 24 hour workday and end wage theft

  • Fight to hold companies accountable that make billions of dollars while paying minimum wage with no benefits to workers

  • End corporate tax breaks & loopholes to increase funding for public services

  • Support the end of subminimum wages

  • Unionize the legislative staff

  • Pay a livable wage to all state staffers & interns, end all unpaid internships

  • Support programs like NYC @ Work Program to increase disability employment

  • Decriminalize sex work & related offenses in New York


Disability Justice

  • Support fully accessible transportation systems in compliance with the ADA

  • Expand bus routes & increase frequency of service

  • Make public meetings & functions 508 compliant & accessible, including requiring sign language interpreters, CART services, & large print format material​

  • Improve disability voting rights by ensuring state funding for accessible early voting & automatic & same-day voter registration, incorporating braille options & easy to return mail in voting

  • Extend New York State Human Rights Law to protect students with disabilities in public, private & charter schools

  • Support open meetings law & ensure that hybrid options are accessible


  • Establish tuition-free CUNY & SUNY

  • Expand the student loan forgiveness program

  • Expand NYC's universal pre-K program statewide

  • Push for universal broadband to ensure technological equity in our schools

  • Modify mayoral control to put the power back in community control

  • Support curricula that speaks to underrepresented community's history (LGBTQ+/TGNCNB, disabled, immigrant/migrant)

  • Support social entrepreneurship as part of education

  • Support upskilling & re-skilling in secondary & postsecondary education to promote readiness for 21st Century jobs

Green New Deal

  • Invest in climate resilient infrastructure particularly in our housing and transportation system

  • Support multivariate studies on climate and its impact on public health for underrepresented communities

  • Support accessible evacuation plans

  • Support a Green New Deal for Public Housing

  • Fortifying coastlines against flooding

  • Pushing for New York to transition to 100% clean energy by 2030, in accordance with the Climate Leadership & Community Protection Act of 2019 (CLCPA) 

  • Expand the NYS Solar for All program

  • Support the NY Build Public Renewables Act

  • Support Energy Efficiency, Equity and Jobs

  • Support Fossil Fuel Subsidy Elimination Act

Small Business

  • Support Business Committed to Access & Inclusion (BCAI)

  • Establishing commercial rent control

  • Establish a public option for banking

  • Enforce anti-trust laws to ensure small businesses are not destroyed by monopolies

  • Support the Excelsior Contracting Opportunities Initiative

  • Support Seed Funding for Small Businesses

  • Ensure that our district sees the Funding for Small Businesses of the Future opportunities

  • Support municipal efforts to develop grants for small businesses run by women of color, immigrants, people with disabilities & the LGBTQ+/TGNCNB community


  • Support the NY Health Act which covers ALL medically necessary care, including medical, prescription, vision, dental, hearing, long-term care and support services, mental health and substance abuse treatment, and reproductive care

  • Ensure that NY remains a safe haven for women coming to NY for care

  • Support a single payer system that honors the retirees and allows a transfer in their benefits to another state or area

  • Support to amend the public health law, in relation to health facilities and services in correctional facilities

  • Support the LGBTQ+/TGNCNB long-term care facility residents' bill of rights

  • Support gender affirming care

  • Invest in funding for free & accessible healthcare to immigrants

 Hate Crimes Prevention

  • Support call to end qualified immunity

  • Support trainings on the Race-Class Narrative Project

  • Push for the release of the $10B in emergency funding for the AAPI community

  • Support increased funding for community deescalation & bystander intervention training

  • Support the COVID–19 Hate Crimes Act

  • Advance accurate Holocaust education, implementing the Never Again Education Act

  • Support the establishment of a working group within the department of health to promote racial equity throughout the state & address issues related to racism as a public health crisis

  • Increase funding for multilingual Know Your Rights training, emergency preparedness & workplace protections for immigrant persons & populations

  • Support the New York for All Act

  • Expand the New York Immigrant Family Unity Project

Public Transportation

  • Zoning for accessibility

  • Support congestion pricing

  • Expand busways & express bus lanes across New York

  • Expand the Fair Fares program

  • Review city (NYCDOT) & state (NYSDOT) studies & recommendations to promote pedestrian, traffic, & vehicular safety with understanding that bike lane designation is a municipal issue

  • Support making Citibike a new & completely public utility

  • Support safe & accessible curb cuts at intersections & bus stops

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