Let's Make A Change


  • Pass Good Cause Eviction

  • Support the creation of community land trusts

  • Retrofitting NYCHA to lower its carbon footprint

  • Investing in NYCHA to ensure the enactment of much needed repairs.


  • Institute a statewide $15 minimum wage

  • Eliminate at-will employment

  • Push for universal childcare

  • Pass the NY Health Act to ensure universal healthcare for every person in New York

Small Business

  • Establishing commercial rent control

  • Establish a public option for banking

  • Enforce anti-trust laws to ensure small businesses are not destroyed by monopolies


  • Establish tuition-free CUNY & SUNY

  • Expand the student loan forgiveness program

  • Expand NYC's universal pre-K program statewide

  • Push for universal broadband to ensure technological equity in our schools

Green New Deal

  • Fighting for municipal control of the MTA

  • Fortifying coastlines against flooding

  • Pushing for New York to transition to 100% clean energy by 2030.

  • Expand the NYS Solar for All program